Questions & Answers

Q Do i need a membership in order to use the Amazon fire tv?

A: You don’t need any membership to watching program, but you will need to make an amazon account if you plan on downloading and using any of the normal Amazon features, other than that you use the Box or the Stick for Kodi to watch movies, news, or tv shows at no extra costs.

Q: Do i have to sign in or subscribe?

A: Unless you use the Amazon stick for what it is aside from the KODI programming, Most of the add-ons do not need sign in or subscribe.  There are VERY few that need a sign in and you can get a free login from their website. Netflix needs a sign in and subscription off course. ***YOU WILL NOT CARE ABOUT NETFLIX WITH THIS DEVICE. THIS LEAVES NETFLIX IN THE DUST!!!! AS IT DOES REDBOX and HULU. Literally everything is on this programming.

Q: How do you connect the Amazon fire tv stick or the box to the tv? 

A: The stick comes with a HDMI extender, but you can also plug it directly into the hdmi port of your tv (plug the provided micro usb into a power source, DO NOT USE THE TV as a SOURCE OF POWER it will not get updates).  The fire box has HDMI and optical if you choose to hook it up to your surround sound.

Q: Do I have to connect the Amazon fire tv stick to my pc or tablet in order to use it?

A: No, you don’t need any computer. As long as you have internet at home wireless or wired, you are good to go.

Q: If for some reason, I reset my Fire TV and lose all files, then what?

A: Ship the device and I will reprogram it for a $15.00 fee.

Q: Why do I need to clear the cache on the devices and what happens if I forget.

A: Clearing the cache frees up any downloaded files from the shows you previously watched. If you watch a 1080 movie this leaves a large footprint taking up the devices storage space. We recommend that before watching a true 1080p movie or a few tv shows that you use the tool given as a shortcut on the main screen to clear the cache. If you fail to do this and the device continuously restarts. We will work with you to get you back online.

Q: Do I need an internet connection?

A: Yes you do need internet since it all streaming media. 


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