About us

We are IT, Networking, and Programming specialists, Graphic Designers, Web Developers and all around Geeks by nature, and proud of it..

Beefree was started on the intentions that a few of us wanted to try out the latest in streaming media devices. So just like anyone else we started at the bottom… CRAIGSLIST.

We tried 3 different people all trying to do the same thing with all failed attempts in our area. Then we tried 2 from the West Coast craigslist.. They all pretty much copied something they found off a forum, then tell people they are IT specialists in their posts, only to be questioned by us and not knowing the first thing to do with these sticks. Sure we tested them to see how much they really did know, and yes it was fun in the process. They had know idea they were talking to people who had tons of years experience dealing with the very same thing these sticks are made up of. God only knows how long they’ve been ripping people off and disappearing after a quick dollar. So we figured it was time to step in and take over and we built a website to do just that.

So upon having a vast amount of knowledge on torrents, cloud servers, repositories and all the good stuff these little media centers need to function. We took and compiled all the great sources took out all the crap these Craigslist IT wanna bees had and made something better. Something less confusing, but in the long run should one thing get shut down. We could help others who paid for our services stay up and running. We just couldn’t continue to see the horrible grammar in posts, crappy Photoshop and horrible programming skills these guys were tossing at people.

Kodi is open source… (means FREE to the general public) and to get it to work you need to add 3rd party resources called repositories to it. Not all work and some crash and some try to do it themselves. The others who just want some freaking movies and tv shows and don’t want to bother with the I CAN DO IT MYSELF attitude.. Well they come to us.

As for pricing as an example we charge 100.00 for a FireTV stick. The sticks are $42.00 ish depending on where we get them from and the rest is what we charge to add our custom programming to it. Not to much more behind it. If you screw up, we’ll get you back up and running. In some cases it may have to be sent back to us for reprogramming, and in some cases we may just send you one out the same day you send us yours. So your not to long without your new reason to sit on the sofa. If you do choose to save some funds and grab one from off these NOPROs from craigslist that we met ourselves for cheaper, We’ll just don’t say we didn’t warn you, and know we can re-program what they didn’t do properly.

If you already have a FireTV device we can program that for you as well. Even android phones, tablets and computers.

Contact us and we can answer any questions.